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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Definitions :

Client : A natural person or legal entity who has reserved the service either on their own behalf or on behalf of a beneficiary and who will remain responsible for the obligations provided for in the present contract.
This term includes the Client, their guests and agents.

Service : Provision of a vehicle with a driver under the conditions set out in the contract and in these terms and conditions.

Reservation : Firm and definitive commitment of the Client prior to signing the Service contract.

Company : Company named ABIS Alpes Chauffeur, a one-person limited liability company with a share capital of €2,000 registered at the RCS 845 378 322 ANNECY
Vehicle : Car with driver as defined by the applicable regulations for execution of the Service on behalf of the Client.

Driver : Natural person authorised to drive the vehicle and holder of a valid driver's license and a professional chauffeur's license issued by the prefecture.


The Service : 

It is provided by the company ABIS Alpes Chauffeur, as regulated by the Ministry of Transport. It consists of providing a Vehicle to the Client, along with the services of a Driver.

The following are included in the Service, without prejudice to the options defined with the Client :

  • The Vehicle provided for the Client
  • The Driver with a professional chauffeur’s license
  • Insurance of transported persons
  • Fuel
  • The kilometers and time determined at the time of the Reservation and/or signature of the contract
  • Transport of the Client's luggage is limited to one suitcase or one bag per person, with a maximum weight of 20 kg. In the case of excess luggage not specified in advance on the reservation form, the Company reserves the right to order an additional vehicle at the client's expense, without however any obligation of success in doing so.
  • The cost of tolls and parking (within the limit of the expectation provided in the contract)

Duration and Location of the Service

Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, the Service shall begin on the day and at the time specified in the contract, at the place where the Vehicle is parked.

It ends on the day and time the Vehicle returns to its point of departure. The scope and cost of the Service have been freely determined between ABIS Alpes Chauffeur and the Client prior to the execution of the Service.

These elements appear in the contract as well as on the transport voucher signed or approved by sms or email (if digital documents are used) by the two Parties before the service is provided.

Prices and Payment

The prices indicated in our Rates include VAT at the rate set by the regulations in force for transport services.They are subject to change without notice.

All services must be reserved in writing under the conditions described in the "RESERVATION" section below, accompanied by full payment of the price of the planned Service.

The price of the Service is payable in cash in euros prior to the execution of the Service.

The accepted methods of payment are cash (euros) in compliance with the regulations applicable to this type of payment, bank transfers and bank cards from the Visa, Mastercard and American Express network (2% additional fee is charged for card payments).Payments by check are not accepted.

In all cases, the Client, signatory of the reservation, is solely responsible for the payment of the Service. Any additional services will be invoiced by the Company.

By express agreement, any pricing unit (hour, kilometer, etc.) started is due. The route chosen will be the fastest possible route in compliance with road regulations or an alternative route in case of difficult traffic conditions. This is at no extra cost to the Client.

An invoice will be issued in the name of the Client at the end of the service, either by mail or email, on which the conditions of the service as well as the price excluding VAT and including VAT will appear.


All Services must be booked at least 30 minutes before they are to be provided. This condition applies only to short-distance transfers (less than 20 km) or express requests to our company. For any other request, a reservation must be made at least 36 hours before the beginning of said Service. It must be made by the Client or by a duly authorised agent.

All reservations must indicate:

  • The place of departure of the Service
  • The exact number of passenger(s) with their name(s) and telephone number(s) if different from those of the ordering Client
  • Flight number or train number
  • Time and address of pick-up
  • Destination
  • Number of bags

Number of children and their ages in order to provide the mandatory safety equipment. We draw your attention to the fact that this option must be approved when booking. Children under 15 MONTHS old and 80 cm tall must be transported in a rear-facing car seat.

According to the regulations in force, we cannot drive children without seatbelts.
After confirmation by the Client of their request for the Service and total payment of the price, the Company sends them a reservation form by email or sms summarising the information for the Service.

The Client is responsible for verifying the information on the reservation form.
If the Company is unable to send the reservation form by email or sms (incorrect or inaccessible address or phone number), or if there are no new confirmed modifications, the reservation is presumed to be in accordance with the client's initial request.

Reservations must be cancelled 36 hours before the start of the Service. In the event of failure to comply with this deadline for any reason whatsoever, the amount of the Service will be due as a fixed penalty.

Waiting time from the appointment time confirmed on the reservation form.
It is the Client's responsibility to allow for travel time. As soon as the client is aware of a possible delay of their flight or train, they must inform the driver whose contact details appear on the reservation form. This allows us reschedule the service based on the company's reservation schedule.

Please note that the Driver cannot wait more than 30 minutes beyond the time indicated on the reservation form. After this time, and without notice to the contrary from the client, the Driver will be considered released from their obligation. The company will consider the reservation as cancelled. Therefore, the service will be due and billed in full.

If the Client calls to announce a delay and maintain the reservation, waiting fees of €100/hour started in a van incl. tax and €150/hour started in a limousine incl. tax, will be added to the price of the Service (subject to the availability of a new driver from the company in the desired time slots).

Terms of Use

The company requires that employees drive with caution, treating the Vehicle's occupants like family.

Consequently, the Driver must comply with the rules of the road and, while providing the Service, take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the occupants of the Vehicle and maintain the Vehicle in good condition.

Thus, the Driver expressly reserves the right to refuse any instructions and/or requests from the Client that they judge will compromise the safety of the occupants of the vehicle and/or the vehicle's condition.

The number of passengers allowed (including the Driver) is that shown on the Vehicle's registration.

This capacity can never be exceeded.

Damage of any kind to the Vehicle and/or other vehicles (e.g., when opening doors) will be charged to the Client unless it can be shown that it was caused by a third party. The occupants of the Vehicle, the Client's employees, agents and guests cannot be considered as Third Parties.

Transport of animals is forbidden, except with prior authorisation duly mentioned in the Contract (additional cost of €150 incl. tax per 10 kg, verified with the compulsory European pet passport). In all cases, a muzzle is required and your pet will travel under your responsibility either in a cage or on the floor at your feet on a blanket. Any damage (break, tear, scratch) will be immediately invoiced in order to continue our professional services in respect of our clients. Seatbelt penalty: €1,000 per seatbelt. Penalty for base and leather seat: €5,000 incl. tax per seat row. Penalty for interior trim and protective cover (plastic or metal): €1,000 per item. No pets are allowed in the limousines and classic vehicles.

Out of respect for the clients who follow you, it is strictly forbidden to eat, smoke, or consume alcoholic beverages or narcotics inside the Vehicle.

Non-performance - Force majeure - Unforeseeable events - Limits of liability - Cancellation of service due to Client conduct.
In the event that the Company is unable to provide the contracted Vehicle, the Payment will be refunded, unless both parties agree to an alternative vehicle.
The company reserves the right not to execute the service in an event of force majeure such as disruption of traffic, bad weather, demonstrations, accidents, unforeseeable circumstances, third party intervention or any event that may present a risk to the Client, their guests or agents, or the Driver or the Vehicle.
 In this case, total or partial non-performance of the service cannot give rise to any compensation for the Client.
The Company is under no obligation to hold luggage or any other objects, property, clothing, effects, etc. left in the Vehicle during and after the Service. Luggage and its contents remain the responsibility of the Client. The Company shall not be held liable for damage and/or loss of luggage during loading or transport.

The Driver may, without consulting or waiting for approval from the Company and without the Company being liable for any compensation, cease the Service in the event of offensive or insulting behavior towards the Driver, as well as in the event that the Client or their guests, employees and agents are in a proven state of inebriation or use of narcotics.

The Company shall not be held liable for any damage caused by the delay of the Vehicle unless the client can prove that the Company was at fault and that there is a causal link with the damage claimed.

Reminder: The Company shall not be held liable for any delay or missed appointment due to an incomplete or missing address. Therefore, no compensation can be claimed. It is up to the client to plan for the time necessary for transport and arrange their transport taking into account traffic, as well as verify all information on the reservation form.

Applicable Law, Choice of Domicile, Jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Contract are written in French, which shall prevail over any translation into any other language.

Claims are admissible only if expressed by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt addressed to the Company's headquarters within eight working days after the date of the Service. Only French law is applicable.

All disputes relating to the interpretation and/or execution of the present contract shall be referred to the Commercial Court of Annecy.

Access to our services implies full and unreserved acceptance of our terms and conditions of sale.


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